domingo, 21 de septiembre de 2008


My name is Gustavo Fermoselle and live in Escobar,Buenos Aires Province, Argentina ,I am devoted to drawing some years, beginning my studies formally in the province of Cordoba with Mr Scalabroni Santiago, which is the biggest landmark in Argentina of publications Disney Denmark with him make the first steps into the world of comic in the conduct of Donald Duck and other characters.
After two years I continued to refine style, with the already disappeared Daniel Branca belongs to the same activity. I still current in that event by adding a considerable amount of years of practice headed by the director of studies Branca.
Work also as a cartoonist in the local newspaper in my city with six strips a week, in conjunction with the Journal of San Pedro and the Journal of Baradero
At the moment I'm doing creating a character-oriented environment. Also performing work for different entities in carrying out tourist maps, logos, etc..